Monday, August 31, 2009

The five most effective yet effortless strategies for totally transforming your health for the better…

This breakthrough health guide is based on our health strategies survey involving 763 participants. Each person ranked the effort for each of 100 different health strategies. We combined those results with research on the effectiveness of each of these 100 strategies to create an "effort vs. effectiveness" grid for these 100 different health strategies.
Why is this interesting to you? Because out of 100 different health strategies (such as buying all organic product, exercising 30 minutes a day, avoiding all sugar in your diet, and so on), we were able to identify the five most effective, yet effortless strategies for transforming your health! These five strategies deliver the greatest health results with the least amount of relative effort. And the list may surprise you.

This book, The Five Habits of Health Transformation, explores each of the five habits in detail, explaining why they work and how to take advantage of them starting right now. You'll learn where to stop wasting your time focusing on all the wrong strategies and, instead, you'll finally have a roadmap that busy people can use to achieve phenomenal health results in the least amount of time.
In fact, this entire study really comes down to one thing: Health habits for busy people. Because a lot of the popular health information in the media just isn't practical. Who has time to exercise three hours a day? Who has the determination to buy everything organic? Who really has the discpline to avoid all added sugars? Very few people, it turns out. Thank goodness there are better strategies that actually work (and yet are doable by even super-busy people).

In The Five Habits of Health Transformation, you'll learn:
Powerful health transformation strategies that are free of charge and available to everyone right now!
How these five strategies literally replace over two dozen prescription drugs... and why Big Pharma hopes you NEVER learn this!
How one of the most powerful healing strategies of all takes only 5-10 minutes a day and costs NOTHING.
Down-to-earth strategies for taking charge of your health destiny, thumbing your nose at the naysayers, and totally transforming your health one day at a time... with truly stunning results!
The truth of how most people have their health priorities backwards and end up spinning their wheels, focusing on the wrong actions.
Why certain corporations have been telling you lies about health strategy #1 (hint: it makes their expensive, overpriced products irrelevant, but saves you a bundle!).
Revealed: the truth about exercise. Yes, it's great for you, but you don't need nearly as much as some health experts demand...
Why and how these strategies will enhance your energy, boost immune system function, prevent over a dozen chronic diseases and actually help REVERSE many chronic disorders.
How to use one of these five strategies to rebuild the healthy nervous sytem you deserve (your memory, cognitive function, moods and learning abilities will skyrocket!).
How the study of human ancestry points directly to one of the most powerful healing strategies of all. It's built right into your DNA, yet all the so-called health "experts" have convinced you to suppress these healing mechanisms that are present, right now, in your own body. I'll show you how to activate them in mere minutes.
Why doctors are too quick to label you as having a "disease" when, in fact, you may be merely demonstrating the obvious side effects caused by readily identifiable nutritional deficiencies. I'll show you what to look for and how to correct these simple deficiencies at little or no cost.
Revealed: the truth about dairy products, and whey they are NOT a good source of nutrition or supplemental calcium. In fact, unless you follow health transformation strategy #1, you can drink all the milk in the world and still not have stronger bones!
Why asthma is nearly always a misdiagnosis. I'll show you the TRUE causes of asthma and give you two simple strategies that cause asthma to simply vanish.
The jaw-dropping truth of why a hospital is one of the most dangerous places you can be -- and how hospitals are unintentionally designed in precisely a way that slows healing and promotes disease in patients.
Revealed: the one common nutritive substance that's almost never consumed in sufficient quantities. If you lack this, you'll suffer from asthma, high blood pressure, bowel disorders, joint pain and may even set yourself up for diabetes.
The truth about the modern food supply and how trying to get good nutrition from "three balanced meals a day" is impossible. I'll show you what to do instead!
The real reason you'll never see these health strategies heavily promoted (hint: they don't make any money for greedy corporations...)
Why many so-called "physical deformities" diagnosed by surgeons are, in fact, just dehydrated organs. Follow health transformation strategy #2 and these physical deformities simply disappear, revealing healthy, fully-shaped organs. (Mitral valve prolapse, for example, is almost always misdiagnosed in this manner...)
How to prevent arthritis pain with a common substance you probably have in your house right now.
The disturbing truth of how certain classes of prescription drugs actually fight against your body's own wisdom, stripping you of an essential element and leaving you even more diseased than before.
Which natural foods have the highest nutrient density versus foods that may be great for calories, but a nutritional letdown. (Some of these are vegetables!)
Medical myths exposed! Why you should never try to reduce the swelling of tissue injuries (and other bits of health wisdom your doctor doesn't know...)
How and why the Coca-Cola company actually waged a well-organized campaign to try to prevent people from drinking water. It was called, "Just say no to H2O!"
Revealed: the #1 cause of reduced lifespan (and it has nothing to do with what you eat, drink or smoke...)
Details on how certain emotional states actually harm your physical health and strip your body of necessary nutrition.
How five minutes a day of practicing health habit #3 can generate literally $50,000 worth of healthy brain chemicals that lift your mood, boost immune function and fight disease.
Why organized medicine still only recognizes two of the three levels of medicine. The third level is revealed in health strategy #3, along with practical advice for putting it to use in your own life!
Four simple ways to improve the healing vibe of your your work or home environment.
The dirty little secret of food processing companies, and why they don't want you to know what's actually REMOVED from their foods!
Why certain nutritional supplements are essential for peak human health: I'll show you what really works and where to get it (hint: this goes way beyond basic vitamins and minerals...)
Raw foods pitfall: why you'll never get sufficient nutrition if you eat too many raw fruits and vegetables. I'll reveal how to boost the density of whole food nutrients, giving your body a dose of medicinal foods that literally prevent chronic disease.
Names and website addresses of eight nutritional supplement companies you absolutely need to know about. These companies provide the most potent, cost-effective products on the market. I'll tell you why they're better, and how to get them. (And, no, I don't make a dime on any products mentioned in this book.)
Why taking a daily multivitamin provides nowhere near the level of nutrition your body craves. I'll show you how to go beyond multivitamins and deliver lifesaving nutrition to every cell in your body.
How to reprioritize your life to put what matters most at the top of your list: YOU! I'll show you how to determine what priorities really matter and how to GO FOR IT each day, aided by these five powerful health transformation strategies.
The keys to exercise success: how to engage in what I call "bite-sized exercise" to achieve steady progress while minimizing pain, discomfort and time investment.
Why it's critical to stop poisoning your body with toxic food ingredients if you truly wish to transform your health. I'll give you the straight story on foods that are making you sick. ... and much more.


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